Il Podere

Il Podere

PERTICAIA is the word with which, in the archaic language of Umbria, is called the plow, the tool that, more than any other, marks the transition from pastoralism to agriculture.

A territory, a grape, a wine.

Perticaia is born right here, in the middle of green Umbria, among hills cultivated with vineyard and olive trees, dotted with towers, villages and medieval castles. After the purchase of the land, began a substantial work of planting new vineyards and the construction of a modern cellar; all made in perfect balance with the surrounding environment and taking care to maintain the appearance of the old farms of the area.

Respectful of the teachings of the past, the farm now boasts about fifty hectares of vineyard

Of which more than ten dwellings in Sagrantino, in addition to one and a half hectare of olive grove. “Vigna delle Querce” is delimited by centuries-old oaks preserved after the transformation of the land, once used as arable land. “Vigna attone” runs along the homonymous stream and “Vigna montioni” got its name from the family of the old owners.

The hilly land is placed in a slight slope, at an altitude between 320 and 350 m a.s.l., exposed mainly to south, south-west.  As per tradition, after the harvest, which takes place manually, in the cellar each productive passage is aimed to enhance what the season and the territory are able to express in the fruit.

Today perticaia is an organic farm model for the territory:

a cellar able to produce wines of great expressivity and elegance, to be discovered one by one to get in touch with Umbria.