A land rich in history, traditions, culture, colours and flavours. Umbria: the green heart of Italy.


A territory, a vine, a wine.


The aim is to produce wines with home-grown grapes, with “local” vines, i.e. vines that the environment has selected and shaped to convey to us all the originality, the personality of this place: Umbria.



Immersed in the green hills in the heart of Umbria, not far from Montefalco, stands Perticaia

A project that the Becca family, wine enthusiasts and successful entrepreneurs in Luxembourg, with the desire to recreate a bond with their homeland, they married in 2018, taking over a small family-run winery from the 2000s, embracing its history and values, to intertwine them with progress and modernization.

 “Laudato vino non opus est hedera” – “A good wine does not need ivy”

An ancient proverb coming from the wine producers’ tradition of setting up small taverns, hanging branches full of ivy, to signal the presence of good wine to be tasted. Some, however, did not need to make notices, being already renowned among the consumers, and having its customers as the best promoters.

We have made this proverb our philosophy.

A philosophy that drives us to search for excellent production to bring to yours hands that wine that your expert friend, your trusted wine shop or restaurant sommelier gives you will advise. A philosophy that we pursue thanks to the passion and care of young people who they work daily in the field and in the cellar, to the expert external collaborators and recognized professionals we rely on, the value and investment we give in control and support technology to limit invasiveness during the processes, to the terroir of which we are part.


In fact, with more than 30 hectares of vineyards, we find ourselves in a land that is extremely suitable to wine agriculture. Here you can discover 2 unique native vines: Sagrantino and Trebbiano Spoletino. We are at the point where the historic mentions of Montefalco meet Sagrantino DOCG and Montefalco Rosso DOC, and the younger Spoleto DOC. It’s right in these denominations where we concentrate most of our energies and resources, because we feel part of the territory and we want to represent it through the wine that has always been part of it the most immediate expression.


This bond is also expressed in our name, Perticaia: the word that in archaic Umbrian language means “plow”, the tool that probably more than any other represents the synergy between man and agriculture, indicative of the profound bond between ours cellar with land



Discover us. Come and discover our territory, our colors and flavors.


Come and taste the fruit of each vintage.


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Where we are

We are at the center of Montefalco, together with Giano dell’Umbria, Gualdo Cattaneo, Bevagna and Castel Ritaldi, belongs to the Sagrantino road, a path to appreciate one of the finest wines of the land of Umbria.

The Group

Radio Gallano interpreta il migliore stile italiano, si rivolge a un pubblico amante del bello e della qualità in ogni ambito. Propone il meglio della musica italiana degli ultimi 50 anni e i successi del repertorio internazionale.

Il Castello di Gallano è il luogo ideale per le vostre vacanze nel verde dell’Umbria, un soggiorno in uno degli appartamenti ricavati dall’antico borgo medievale vi rapirà e vi trasporterà in un altro tempo.